Sunday August 2 , 2020

If every who is planning on attending the August hours could confirm by using the "Contact Us" box on this page we will be better able to ensure enough space for everyone. Please confirm your attendance and type in August in the notes.-->

The meeting will be limited to the first 125 people who have responded to the  website.prior to the meeting.We ask that if running a temperature or not feeling well at time of meeting to please not show up.We are going to be looking at conducting a second meeting for those members who did not get to attend our January or August meeting September 27 ,2020 at Embassy Suites Greystone provided the August meeting is successful and able to be conducted in a safe and conscientious manner.September's meeting will also be limited seating and space. Try to attend if possible the August meeting to make sure you can get your requirements for the state in case September's meeting can't take place.We are in uncharted times and ask everyone to please be patient with changes that are happening due to the covid pandemic.  


The Association will offer Continuing Education August 2, 2020:

Embassy Suites-Columbia Greystone, 

200 Stone Ridge Dr. 

Columbia, SC 29210.       Phone# 803-252-8700

7:00 AM Registration Begins

  For those that are current with their membership dues and have responded to website of their intention to attend, a name tag will be ready for you at the time of your arrival.If you are not member of the Association you will be able to pay at registration provided you have responded with plan to attend (Cash or Check only).  You will need to fill out a form and will receive a handwritten receipt and a name tag at this time.

Name tags must be worn at all times.  We are looking for your name tag as you enter and exit each classroom hour, it's visibility will help speed the process of entering and leaving the room between each hour.

8:00 AM Meeting begins.

.You will check in at appropriate station when entering the room. It is important to make sure to check in at door and once checked in will be given 1 cec sheet.  Your are to write your name on this sheet prior to having it stamped.Your name tag must be visible on your clothing. Instead of passing around our notepad to be signed during each hour we will have a tear off portion of cec sheet to be torn off and turned in at end of each hour. The association has to double verify your attendance so it is important to follow all instructions

Each class runs a minimum of 55 minutes with break between each hour. If you must leave the room you must leave the cec with someone at the back tables by the doors.  You will have five minutes to return to be eligible for that hour, to receive your cec.  When you come back into the room you will be handed back your cec form.

There are 4 hours ABO cecs, Apprentices concurrently 4 hours ABO, followed by 1 hour NCLE.

This meeting will be run a little different than normal so we can do our best to protect our members during these difficult and uncertain times.We will not be providing food during this meeting so we ask everyone to bring enough snacks or food to satisfy your needs.We will have canned drinks and bottled waters available but we are not going to have coffee at this meeting.Everyone would be welcome to bring coffee from elsewhere if needed.

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