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May 1 & 2, Spring Education Meeting

Updated January 5 2021: As of now, our winter education is postponed until May.  Our first educational opportunity provided by the SCAO will be May 1 & 2, 2021 at Embassy Suites in Columbia.  Apprentice CEs will be held only on 2 May.  Please note that you are an apprentice when signing up.  Use the Contact Us box on this page to sign up, and specify which day you'd like to attend.

Sunday May 2 registration is filling up fast.  If you are able to attend Saturday May 1, we ask that you sign up for Saturday to free up slots for those who can only attend on Sunday.  Thank you.

Another set of continuing education meetings will be held June 26 & 27 2021at Embassy Suites in Columbia.  Registration for these meetings is not yet open.

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Latest Confirmation email sent 1/20/21 @ 2:00 PM.  Next one will be sent 01/29/21

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  • Dr.
    Nathan Anderson
    Dr. Anderson is an Optometrist in San Diego providing complete eye care services for the surrounding communities.
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  • Marina Mason
    'I love coming to work every day and watching the transformation in our patients. It never ceases to amaze me how being able to see clearly and without pain boosts their confidence and restores independence. So many people are living with limitations due to visual impairment – and might not even know it! Working here with Dr. Anderson has shown me how even the smallest improvement in one’s sight can make a huge positive impact on their lives.”
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  • Terry Noble
    'As a child, I had a hard time at school. I had difficulty reading and was labeled a “slow learner.” It was only later revealed that vision problems were at the root of my difficulties. Once I saw an eye care professional and was fitted with corrective lenses, my performance in school excelled. We see these type of success stories every day at Dr. Anderson and it’s one of the many things that makes my career so rewarding!”
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  • ""Anderson Optometry is the best at what they do and make you feel right at home.""
    John Doe / San Diego, CA
  • "Doctors and staff are courteous and very professional. I wholeheartedly recommend Anderson Optometry!"
    Jane Doe / La Jolla, CA

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