Continuing Education Meetings

The 2024 Summer Continuing Education meeting will be held August 3-4, 2024 In-Person at:

Embassy Suites, 200 Stoneridge Dr, Columbia, SC 29210, 803-252-8700

Registration will open in June

More to follow


Rules:   Education Meetings

A maximum of 200 people will be allowed to attend the meeting; you must reserve your seat by responding on the website. If you are sick or running a fever, please don’t show up to the meeting. Masks are no longer required to be worn during the meeting, but are optional.  When entering the meeting, please listen to where you need to be and maintain social distancing. If you choose to wear a mask, please take seats on the left side of the room starting at the wall and fill in toward the middle.  If you choose not to wear a mask, please take seats on the right side of the room starting at the wall and fill in toward the middle. If you have to pay at the event, please have a $175.00 check already written out or exact cash. We will not have cash to give out in order to limit the transfer of possible germs. Please don’t wait until 7:30 AM to get exact change if you need to pay at the door. Please be early. Must have your ID tag visible and worn to enter the room. The chairs will be specifically positioned in the room to maintain social distancing. DO NOT MOVE THE CHAIRS.

7:00 AM Registration Begins

For those that are current with their membership dues and have registered on the website their intention to attend, a name tag will be ready for you at the time of your arrival. If you are not member of the Association you will be able to pay at registration provided you have registered to attend (Cash or Check only). You will need to fill out a form and will receive a handwritten receipt and a name tag at this time.

Name tags must be worn at all times. We are looking for your name tag as you enter and exit each classroom hour, its visibility will help speed the process of entering and leaving the room between each hour.

8:00 AM Meeting begins.

Once you choose a seat, that seat is yours for the duration of the event.

Instead of passing around our notepad to be signed during each hour, we will have a validation sheet with five sections representing each CE, that will be handed out at the beginning of the meeting.  Please put your name on each section, and tear off and turn in the appropriate section for each CE at the end of each hour. The association has to double verify your attendance so it is important to follow all instructions

Each class runs a minimum of 55 minutes with break between each hour. If you must leave the room you must leave the cec with someone at the back tables by the doors. You will have five minutes to return to be eligible for that hour, to receive your cec. When you come back into the room you will be handed back your cec form.

To pay your annual dues of $125 (if paying after Dec 31st for the following year, please include the $50 late fee for a total of $175), please make check payable to:

SCAO or South Carolina Association of Opticians

And mail to:

PO Box 8185 Greenville, SC 29604

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