Education Dates

Sunday August 2, 2020

7:00 AM Registration Begins

8:00 AM Classes begin.

There are 4 hours ABO (Apprentices concurrently 4 hours ABO) followed by 1 Hour NCLE.

There is a Lensometry Class available if enough interest for a separate $75 fee that follows.  Space is limited to 10 Participants please call 843-795-7917 to register for this class, ASAP

A Note from the Editor:

This year has provided many challenges that no one could foresee.  Our whole world is changing, and we are going to adapt and learn to operate in the new norm.  Please be safe protect yourselves and protect those we help.  We are all going to learn a different way of dispensing opthalmic appliances to the public in a way that will help them and not be the vehicle that causes the spread of an Illness.  

Be safe, be patient as we work our way through this.  There is a whole lot of questions being asked and I will work on answering what I can for everyone.   If you didn't make January Hours August will be your chance.  More to come soon! 

Thanks George.

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